Sealane Coldstorage

Storing and handling is easy and quick: berth at our quay 24/7 and we will tranship straight from the boat into our conditioned warehouse in just a few moments: fish, lobster, whatever you have caught and want to be stored safely.

Sealane has a total of 100,000 m3 of waterfront coldstorage space for approximately 20,000 pallets. The conditioned storage is in 8 large refrigerated cells/coldrooms for both short-term and longer-term storage. Our computer-controlled coldstorage cells can be preset individually to the customer-required temperatures. The cold rooms are designed - and equipped - for maximum handling and storage efficiency, including fixed and movable racking.

Not just fish... much more

Although we started out as a coldstorage location to the fishing industry, we now also have dedicated warehouse spaces available for other products and produce. Frozen fish and shellfish still make up most of what is stored on the shelves of our coldrooms. Specific separate and dedicated areas in our facilities have been adjusted to the storage and transhipment of frozen meats, agricultural produce and bakery products. Sealane is not only located perfectly for maritime logistics, it is also perfectly located for overland logistics.