Forwarding & Distribution

Logistic services

We take great pride in serving every single customer in the best possible manner. By providing value-added handling services; arranging inspections; taking care of documentation. We offer our logistic services 24/7. Whenever necessary, we take the extra step, no matter whether it involves coldstorage or terminal services.Your load is valuable. So we handle and store it as such. With care and, when necessary, with speed. You want your cargo to be in good, experienced hands. With us, it is.

Transhipment & distribution

Sealane provides door-to-door distribution and forwarding services. We have a short line to the Dutch customs authorities (the customs house is literally around the corner). We take care of customs clearance and documentation. One of our warehouses also houses a Border Inspection Post. We can provide you with all requested veterinarian documentation as well.

We can arrange transportation by road (truck and container), by rail, by air or across the water. Whatever you want, whenever you want it, wherever your goods need to be moved.

Value-adding services

We provide additional handling services: sorting loads, weighing, palletising, labelling, polywrapping, repacking, tallying, quality inspection, insurance etc.