Dry cargo storage and stevedoring

Excellent facilities for your goods

Dry cargo storage
and stevedoring

Excellent facilities for your goods

Sealane offers facilities for safe indoor and outdoor storage of goods. With a capacity of 25,000m² there is enough space for any type of cargo such as construction materials, machinery or forest products. Thanks to our facilities and experience, we can handle cargo quickly, reliably and safely.

Sealane is ideally situated in Eemshaven, The Netherlands. A prime location that is easy to reach from the sea, directly connected to inland waterways and European motorways.

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Storage of dry cargo

All the facilities you need

Our premises are situated in one of the prime locations of the harbour: easy to reach from the sea (deep sea), and a convenient location from the landside. We own a private, 250m long, deep-sea quay with RoRo-ramp in Emmahaven. Here we offer storage and terminal handling services for dry cargo.

Sealane provides top quality services to make sure your project runs smoothly. Your cargo is handled with care and precision. Our site is also ideally situated for cargo that is needed during construction projects in and around Eemshaven: machinery, equipment, construction materials, and components for the offshore industry. Easy to bring to the site and easy to transport out.

What we do

What sets us apart

Cranes, forklifts and more

We can organize a wide range of equipment such as cranes, shovels, Mafi Tugmasters and forklifts. We can safely handle any type of cargo.

Steel, big bags and machinery

Thanks to our indoor and outdoor storage space, we can store a wide range of cargo. Whether it is steel or big bags, you can safely store it with us.


To all our terminal services, the VRTO conditions are applicable.

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