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The energy transition is gaining momentum with new and exciting projects surfacing every year. We believe that we can make a difference when it comes to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

We are aware of the fact that many things in our industry have an impact on the environment. Thankfully there are many great initiatives and innovations to create better and smarter solutions.

One of the things we believe, is that a better tomorrow starts at your own doorstep. We took this quite literally, as we facilitate one of the largest onshore windmills. This windmill is good for a staggering 7,5 megawatts.

Having that mindset and the willingness to look at our own process with a critical eye, is something that is valuable to us and keeps us moving forward. In the end we all have to pitch in and help each other in making the transition.

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Investing in sustainable solutions

Making the change

To make the transition, we recently invested in a brand new conditioned warehouse. This warehouse is equipped with the latest tech and smart features. On the roof of our cold store we have installed 1,300 solar panels, which generate a major part of the electricity need.

Inside of both of our cold stores we work with natural refrigerant NH3. This avoids negative impact on the environment compared to Freon R22.

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