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We may not be among the biggest in our industry, but we strive to be among the best. It's in our DNA.
Geralt Vels·Managing Director
Our mission

Driven by excellence

With over 40 years of experience, we have been in the game for quite a while. Over these years we have been developing services to meet the needs of the high demanding industry we are in. The quality of the service we provide is important to us and our customers. That is why creating that perfect customer experience is at the core of everything we do.

Being located in Eemshaven, The Netherlands, we have been at the frontier of the energy transition. Creating sustainable solutions that also work for the environment is something we hold dear.

We may not be among the biggest in our industry, but we strive to be among the best. We do this with a hands-on and personal approach. Our staff are a pleasure to work with, and are ready for our customers 24/7.

About Sealane

Facts & Figures

  • Two cold stores (capacity: 21,000 pallets).
  • Multi-purpose terminal of 25,000m², including warehouse of 1,200m².
  • Two private deep-sea quays. One of 250 meter long with RoRo-ramp, and one of 125 meter long.
  • Numerous equipment such as cranes, mafis, tugmasters, forklifts and reach trucks.
The A-Team

Proud of our people

We are aware that we are only as good as our people. That is why we take pride in working with the best professionals. With their experience in the industry and a variety of skills, they know what it takes to handle any project. With a personal approach and dedication to get the job done right, they also love to help you with your next project. Our team is our main asset!

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